My latest video editorial for the South China Morning Post, which accompanies my cover story for Post Magazine.

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Check out my quarantine workout video with Hong Kong Nike Master Utah Lee. I’m such a sandbagger.


Photo: Xiaomei Chen


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My latest video column for the SCMP.


Toe drag to top cheese with this Post Magazine cover story. Two companion pieces that went along with it too – on Nick Suzuki and Kailer Yamamoto. #winbig

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Getting my face for radio on camera a lot these days. Click here to watch. 


Second Post Magazine cover story. Four days in Shanghai, home to Hong Kong for 12 hours, off to Shenzhen for 10, back home. What a story. #whenallyoudoiswin


First Post Magazine cover story. Jason Tobin and the Warrior spirit. #startedfromthebottom



Hong Kong at night.


Here’s my recent piece about moving to Hong Kong to work for the South China Morning Post. For The Globe & Mail. Click on link or photo. You can also check out the follow-up interviews I did with Business in Vancouver and CKNW.

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My first piece for The Guardian. Gruelling to write, but absolutely necessary. The outpouring of texts, emails and calls made it all worthwhile. The story went viral and hit Number Two in The Guardian’s Top Ten Most Read Stories internationally. For all my boys who are no longer with us, rest in peace brothers. Click on the photo for the link.

Anybody who knows me knows I’m a behavioural economics junkie, so it was an honour to interview Vancouver’s premier behavioural economist–SFU professor Lindsay Meredith. Check out this BIV podcast I did with co-host Hayley Woodin, some amazing insights. Also check out the profile I did on Meredith as well here.

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It’s always tons of fun inspiring the next generation of writers. Honoured to have The Fatalists be a part of the curriculum for two first-year English classes at Thompson Rivers University, my alma mater. Shout out to professor Susan Daykin. Write for love, write for life!

I’ve seen him speak a few times and interviewed him on the phone, but it was still pretty awesome to sit down with macro real estate guru Don Campbell on the BIV Podcast with fellow reporter Tyler Orton. Also, check out the profile I did on him as well.

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Tom Davidoff has to be one of my favourite interviewees. He’s incredibly smart but also very candid about Metro Vancouver’s housing situation. Check out the new podcast I did with fellow reporter Hayley Woodin talking all things real estate with Davidoff, and also a profile I did on him last year.

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One of the things I love about journalism is the constant reminder that we have it so good here in Canada. Got to head out to Surrey and meet Feras, who escaped the Syrian Civil War, and now runs his own clothing line. Click on the photo for the story.

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Covered the transportation beat for Business in Vancouver‘s Outlook 2018 issue. Everything from the Broadway subway line and Surrey’s LRT to Uber (or lack thereof).

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I have two articles in this year’s First Nations business issue. It’s an important subject we all need to start paying closer attention to:

Indigenous youth key to Canada’s economic growth

Isolated First Nations tap B.C. telehealth technology

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Very honoured to be featured as alumni of Thompson Rivers University. Also looking forward to speaking with some first-year English students this winter too! The journey continues.


Patrick on the Business in Vancouver podcast with fellow reporters Hayley Woodin and Tyler Orton talking all things transportation — (Nov. 21/17): BIV podcast (episode 107): Transportation, year in review

The Death of Birth cover

It has begun

Patrick on the Business in Vancouver podcast with fellow reporters Hayley Woodin and Tyler Orton talking Vancouver real estate, and more (Nov. 7/17): BIV podcast (episode 101): Where’d all the single family homes go?

Patrick was a presenter at the 2017 Kamloops Writers Festival!

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Patrick with Alix Hawley (left) and Karen Hofmann.

Kamloops This Week

Kamloops This Week post-event coverage

CBC Daybreak with Shelley Joyce

Radio NL with Jim Harrison

The Omega

The Fatalists – Available Now!

“A thrilling ride.”  

Quill & Quire

“Of the three fates, Atropos is one who cuts the thread of life. She is by necessity and occupation a fatalist. There is, however, far less of the atrophic in The Fatalists here than we might expect. Instead, which may well be the novel’s final irony, hope and purpose survive the apocalyptic fire and breach the surface, despite impending doom.”

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Daily Hive Vancouver

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